Friday, May 15, 2009

Murphy's law

Today is seriously a Murphy's Law day so far... I feel like I have been running in circles and accomplishing very little in return for the effort I am putting out. The best part of when I am like this is that I continue to make more of a mess around me because of my craziness. Knocked over a glass of water, tripped and scattered a pile of mail, un-hinged the dog gate, spaced-out while driving and missed my exit on the way to my doctors appointment- got super lost because of coming from a different direction, was late for my appointment and had to reschedule since they then couldn't see me for another hour. etc... etc... As I reached a peak of irritation while driving home angry about wasting time, I have decided that today is going to change beginning now. I know that when I get this frustrated, everything will continue to go wrong, which sometimes can include ruining things in my studio... So here goes..... attitude change.... now!!!

On the bright side- I was able to upload all of my photographs last night! I am doing the necessary cropping and will have images of my artwork up by tonight at the latest. Now that I am doing this, I see the beauty of artists taking photographs as they go, instead of waiting until a show and documenting all at once. I have 101 photographs to process, and I am going to try not to overwhelm those of you who visit with all of them at once. Maybe to find a sister site? I'm concerned about posting to something so public as Flickr. Any suggestions would be wonderful...

But I am excited to get these posted and begin on some new work soon.

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