Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a few newer drawings & photographs

So, I realize that I am a terrible photographer. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to photographing artwork, and I am at the bottom of it :P. But these are a little better than the first round... I still need to head over to the gallery and spend a morning re-taking photographs of all of the collages. I first went last week in the afternoon (100 degrees!) and the encaustic finish began to melt (took them outside for the daylight). Ah! Instead re-took drawings and metals, and left the collages for a cooler morning trip. This is taking forever, as I am also trying to catch up on other projects as well... *Note to self* documenting/marketing artwork takes just as much time as making it, it seems.

Here are a few newer drawings (finished about two weeks ago)-They are a continuation of the topography series of drawings I am currently showing.

I am happier, however with some of the new photographs I took of slightly older work, especially the metal pieces. Those first photographs on my myartspace site are terrible, and it is in my best interest to drink some espresso and spend a night replacing and reorganizing all of them! Someday, I will hire someone to do all this. Someday. :)


Myke Amend said...

I like them all a lot, but I especially like the bee :)

Barbara Cowlin said...

Love these drawings! I can't wait to receive your #mailart postcard. I'll be anxiously checking my P.O. Box!

Jayne said...

Thank you! Your postcard is finally in the mail :). It has some drawing, but is definitely a collage, as they all are for this series.... I loved yours as well!